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Dear guests! On November 30, the underground parking will be closed from 17:00 to 00:00. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tickets are valid only upon presentation of a QR code and passport. In the pavilions of the park, please wear masks and maintain social distance. More information about the current restrictions can be found here (in Russian). Take care of your health and the health of those around you. Thank you!

Two Paintings Within an Hour and a Half: How Alvaro Castagnet Creates Masterpieces

24 October 2019
The world-famous artist held a demo class at Media Center of the park. Alvaro Castagnet showed fans of his art how he works on urban landscape. The process was broadcasted on a big screen. The demo class attended more than 300 people.


The artist is ready, so is the audience, but the demo class wouldn’t start. It turned out that the several types of paper provided did not have enough density and grain, and Alvaro Castagnet has a strict list of requirements for the materials he works with.

452A6438 (2).jpg

“Oh, here it is!” the artist is happy to get the right paper as if it is a good friend, and starts.

This time, the subject was the view from the park to the Kremlin and Red Square. Alvaro Castagnet works without preparative sketches. He makes a few strokes with a pencil and immediately begins to paint the sheet in yellow ochre. Connoisseurs talk about the “glow” in his work, which is achieved precisely thanks to these shades at the heart of the work.


“I choose the palette of the painting in accordance with the monochrome principle. For me, reducing the number of colors is a certain evolution. Recently, I have been using 3-4 colors,” said the artist and dipped his brush in charcoal grey.


Leading art editions publish articles about the technique of Alvaro Castagnet, and the artist himself writes books about it, among which is the most popular Watercolor Painting With Passion. To show the dynamics of the subject, Alvaro mixes vague and clear contours.

“If we talk about the basic rules, the picture consists of 3 types of forms: large, medium and small. The objects do not have clear boundaries, we mix everything to achieve the maximum harmony effect. Maybe you have noticed that to look at the drawing more abstractly, I narrow my eyes when I draw a line,” answered Alvaro to a beginning artist from the audience.

452A6390 (1).jpg

Alvaro Castagnet works in a strong, emotional manner. Thanks to Alvaro’s energy and artistry, his demo classes are always bright, exciting and inspiring. He holds demo classes in different countries, draws on the streets, teaches drawing, including the members of European royal dynasties, and constantly travels. One of the artist’s favorite cities is New York. This metropolis is depicted in Alvaro's watercolor works, which are demonstrated at the new multimedia exhibition “Cities in Motion”.

452A6401 (1).jpg

“When I saw New York, I felt the magnetism of this city, and immediately fell in love with its bustle and beauty. The concentration of buildings and shapes enveloped in movement, that’s what inspires me,” said Alvaro Castagnet.

You can see the works of Alvaro Castagnet and other watercolor artists, Sergey Choban, Sergey Kuznetsov, Thomas W. Schaller, in the Exhibition Hall of Media Center. The film that erases the boundaries between reality and the works of the artists is demonstrated in Media Hall. The exhibition will work until December, 15.

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