Multimedia Exhibition “Cities in Motion”

Light drum show, street performance, entertaining program and a big concert with Dmitry Yankovsky, the soloist of Helikon Opera Theater, Ksenia  Rassomakhina, participant of the vocal show Success and The Voice TV project, Vadim Michman, theater and film actor, and Agata Vavilova, winner of the Golden Mask theater award.
Large Amphitheater
22:00–22: 25 Fieki theater performance (characters that look like huge snow-white crackers)
22:30–22:55 CrushDrummers light show
23:00–23:25 Hits of world musicals
23:30–23:50 Fieki theater performance
00:20–00:50 Hits of world musicals
01:00–01:20 CrushDrummers light show
01:30–02:05 Hits of world musicals
02:15–03:00 Brilliant Band