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Summing up the results of the fifth Kulminatsiya project

1 February 2021
We showed the award ceremony for the anniversary of the Kulminatsiya modern drama award on the park’s Vkontke page.

Summing up the results of the fifth Kulminatsiya project

The ceremony took place in the park’s Media Studio, a special stage was built there for the winners and for the traditional performance by the Brusnikin Workshop based on plays from this year’s shortlist. The award was handed to the playwrights by Marina Brusnikina, the artistic director of the Praktika Theater.

The winner of the fifth Kulminatsiya is Roman Kozyrchikov with his play “Russian Fairy Tale”. The playwright from Yekaterinburg said that he wrote his work while he was in quarantine last spring and did not expect to receive the award.

“This year the shortlist wasn’t announced in advance, so I didn’t come here with the feeling that I would take the first place. I would like this play to “live” further, it would fit well into the repertoire of the Kolyada-Theater, and it could also make a good opera, which I would like to see, for example, on the stage of the Helikon-Opera ”, said Roman Kozyrchikov.

The second place was given to the work “Republic” by Sergey Davydov. The author of the play already took part in the Kulminatsiya in 2017 and was then included in the list of the 10 best playwrights. He has been working on the new project for several years.

“I started doing my play back in 2017. Then I was looking for documentary material about heroes who fled from Tajikistan to Russia, and most people did not want to talk to me, for them it was unwanted memories. And I turned to this topic, because my family is from Tajikistan”, shared Sergey Davydov.

The third place was given to the play “Tuaregi” by Svetlana Petriichuk. The playwright has repeatedly become the winner and finalist of various competitions and festivals, including the international competition “Remarka”, the competition-festival “First reading”, the international laboratory LARK (New York) + “Lyubimovka” and others. The play “Tuaregi” by Svetlana Petriichuk is based on the author's observations of real people.

“My play has a real place of action, it’s a village in the Vladimir region, where I have a summer house. I am well aware of the problems there. This play is about how three women try to solve these problems, but cannot establish order in their own lives. I am glad that the thoughts from my head are clear and echo in the heads of the experts of this respected competition”, Svetlana Petriichuk noted.

The winners received the main prize — the author's copy of the painting “Kulminatsiya” by the artist and writer Pavel Pepperstein. Also, as a result of the competition, a book of the same name shortlisted plays was published. The book will be sent to all branches of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation with a recommendation for staging by the Chairman Alexander Kalyagin.

The shortlist of the fifth Kulminatsiya includes the plays “The End of the Russian Land – Final Stop” by Anastasia Chernyatieva, “The Taiji Bay” by Anastasia Bukreeva, “Samara Forever” by Artem Efimenko, “Sea. Stars. Oleander” by Maria Malukhina, “Chorus” by Natalia Milantieva, “Parents' Day” by Alexei Yenshin and “Semyon Instead of a Tree” by Nina Belenitskaya. At the awards ceremony, the Brusnikin Workshop presented a joint performance based on these plays.

“This year, despite the fact that this is a contemporary drama award, the top ten plays include classical theater plays. These are works with strong plots, with good roles and scenes. It's great that we announce the best plays and play a performance based on them in this small and cozy hall of Zaryadye Park, there is no need here to keep the mood of a large number of spectators, actors can take pauses, be more human”, said Marina Brusnikina, the director of the play and the artistic director of the Praktika Theater.

A cycle of readings of the shortlisted plays of different years became the “prologue” to the award ceremony of the jubilee Kulminatsiya. Plays by Roman Kozyrchikov, Yulia Pospelova, Igor Nosovsky, Vikenty Bryz and other playwrights in a laconic and minimalist genre were read by the actors of the Brusnikin Workshop. The readings took place from 18 to 27 January on the VKontakte page and on the park's YouTube channel – all readings are available for watching.

“In 2020, theaters have had difficult times, and so have drama contests. Some of them did not take place for objective reasons, and some went online. The jubilee Kulminatsiya is also focused on this format. That is why a series of readings of shortlisted plays from thr previous years was added to the competition program. The filming also took place in Zaryadye, and more than 130 thousand spectators have already watched these plays in social media. This is much more than even the most spacious theater could accommodate”, said Ivan Demidov, the director of Zaryadye Park.

In 2020, 26 plays were submitted for participation in Kulminatsiya from the organizers of “The Characters”, “Little Remark” and “First Reading” contests, the dramatists’ workshop “The Author’s Scene”; international competitions “Eurasia”, “Remark” and “Initial Event 21 century”, as well as the festival of young drama “Lyubimovka”.

The recording of the award ceremony for the anniversary of the Kulminatsiya modern drama award is available on the park’s Vkontke page or right here:

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