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Dear guests! You can read about the changes in the opening hours from October 28 to November 7 here.
Please wear masks when visiting the Old English Court and maintain social distance. Take care of your health and the health of those around you. Thank you!

Sixth SOVRISK #onstream exhibition: Oleg Tselkov, Oleg Khvostov, Dmitry Shabalin and new NFT art

20 August 2021

Until September 5, in Underground Museum, you can see a painting by the non-conformist artist Oleg Tselkov, a tribute to the memory of the master who passed away in July. Guests will also see a premiere from Oleg Khvostov and NFT art from Helen Anvor, Artemiy Lebedev and pvkh3d.

New works at the sixth SOVRISK #onstream exhibition:

Oleg Tselkov, "Portrait and Landscape" (oil on canvas, 2006; from the collection of the State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO)
“I painted, as it were, a portrait, however, not a portrait of a single subject, but a general portrait, all together in one person and — terribly familiar. I did not at all set the task of "tearing the mask off the face", and I saw not "bad" or "good", but something more, something more similar, more genuine. Millions of years lived by humanity in the past were imprinted on the faces. And the same number - in the impenetrable future". (Oleg Tselkov. Paris, October 2001 Quote:

Олег Целков.jpg

Oleg Tselkov is a prominent representative of Moscow unofficial art. His large-scale canvases combine expression and monumentality, bright colors and subtle halftones. Tselkov's original characters — deformed faces, ominous "masks", "faces" or "muzzles" as he called them — appeared in the 1960s and became the hallmark of his painting.

Oleg Khvostov, "Still Life with a Bird" (acrylic on canvas, 2019)
“Khvostov is not only a sophisticated spectator, but also a modern visionary representing digital imagery. The artist freely mixes the contrasting light and shade of Giorgio De Chirico, the geometry of Fernand Leger, the expression of Frida Kahlo and the post-suprematist peasant cycle of Kazimir Malevich. Then the resulting image is polished in a speculative "graphic editor": multi-layer acrylic painting of different tones imitates the gradient fill of Photoshop. Khvostov works with modernist primitivism as with a ready-made artistic language that has long become a classic and available for “dissection” in the context of the centuries-old history of art ”. (art critic, curator Konstantin Zatsepin)

Олег Хвостов.jpg

The landscape became the basis for the formation of his own picturesque universe and Oleg Khvostov's characteristic individual language. All forms, be they plowed fields, trees, pastoral cows or colorful abstract spheres, appear as if crystallized as a result of some chemical processes. Volumes inflate, become rounded like a body. The substance of which all visible landscape forms are composed does not resemble natural organic matter, but rather polymers. And the cold lighting, which evenly fills all the artist's paintings, makes us believe that we are dealing with virtual reality or a computer game, all the elements of which are unreal.

The third work in the renewed exposition is "Untitled" by Dmitry Shabalin (masks — a collage of ready-made objects, mixed media, 2021). Most of the visitors of the previous exhibition of the project voted for this work. 

Дмитрий Шабалин.jpg

All three works are also put to a vote.

The NFT section of the exposition has been completely updated. Now Underground Museum presents:

Helen Anvor "Mirror Voice of a Fairy Tale" (2021)
“In the work, two worlds, two cosmic universes on the basis of trust and mutual understanding, during which the penetration of one world into the other took place, came into contact. Then a mutation followed. And now an alien object, filled with random objects of home space, chaotic lines in its interweaving creating images of characters, accompanied by the voice of one author, hovered in the 3D universe of another author,” the artist says.

Artemiy Lebedev "New Form of Matter" (2021)
A series of works inspired, according to the author, by a quote from the novel “The Star Rover,” by American writer Jack London: “Matter is the great illusion. That is, matter manifests itself in form, and form is apparitional”.

pvkh3d "Inner Void" (2021)
“This work reflects the versatility of human nature and its limitless potential. Personal experience, the people we meet and the situations we have experienced form our own image of ourselves, but we are not obliged to become its prisoners,” the artist believes.

NFT Шестая выставка SOVRISK #напотоке.jpg

Tickets for the exhibition are available in “Schedule and Tickets”, at terminals on the territory of the park and at the entrance to Underground Museum.

When visiting Underground Museum, you must use a protective mask and maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters. In the presence of fever heat or symptoms of respiratory diseases, visiting the park's facilities is not allowed.

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