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Dear guests! Please wear masks in the park pavilions and maintain social distance. Take care of your health and the health of those around you. Thank you!

Kitaygorodskaya Wall

An important historical monument reconstructed in the second
part of the 20th century. The white stone foundation 
of the 16th-century wall is on display at Underground 
Museum. The exhibit will reveal interesting facts 
about Moscow in the 16th–17th centuries and its 
During four centuries, a powerful wall with towers defended one of the oldest districts of Moscow — Kitay-Gorod, a major trade, craft and cultural center of the 16th – 18th centuries.

The construction technology of the fortification in many ways repeats Italian prototypes, probably, the experience of the Italian fortifiers was used to create the fortress. The walls were constructed in the technique of Roman masonry.

The construction of the stone fortress lasted more than three years and ended in 1538.
Due to numerous fires, Kitaygorodskaya wall suffered serious damage and for many years was in a sad state.
For several centuries, there were a few attempts to restore the fortress, but it was never reconstructed completely.

Several fragments from the ancient fortifications survived: in Revolution Square, part of the white-stone basement of the Varvarka Tower in the underpass of the Kitay-Gorod metro station, and in Kitaygorodsky Passage. The wall along Kitaygorodsky passage was reconstructed in 1968-1973. 

During the construction of Zaryadye park, archaeologists discovered one of the surviving fragments of the wall under the ground. This fragment was later carefully restored and now you can see it in the Underground Museum. The permanent exposition "Serf Artillery of the Czardom of Moscovy in 15-17 Centuries" is now working on Kitaygorodskaya wall.

The staircase on the Kitaygorodskaya wall is equipped with an elevator.
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