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Time Machine

Welcome to an amazing tour of Moscow’s past! Have a look at the moment of city's foundation by Yuri Dolgorukiy, find yourself among Mongolian invaders and salute Yuri Gagarin with the crowd upon his arrival in Moscow.
Open daily
Media Center
12 to 18 years old
325 RUB
Ages 18 and up
650 RUB
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Open daily
Media Center Buy ticket
Before tickets purchase please read the rules for visitors.
On February 27, the media hall 360 will be closed due to planned maintenance works. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

You'll see how Zaryadye and the Kremlin appeared and how white-stone walls of Kitay-gorod was constructed, how Dmitry Donskoy who took his nickname after the great victory in the Battle of Kulikovo was coming back to Moscow, how Napoleon saw the city burn to the ground, how the Metro, the Seven Sisters, and Zaryadye Park were built.

The film was created by Channel One. For their ambitious show, creators used a special 4-lens camera that delivers an unbelievably detailed 360-degree video. Our guests will be the first to watch such large-scale panorama in Russia. Immerse yourself in history in our spacious hall with an interactive floor, a 5-meter-high panoramic screen, a 32-channel sound system and wind, smoke and smell generators. You don’t have to be seated — walk free just like the participants of key events of Russian history.

Production of the show involved 300 actors, required 500 authentic costumes and 300 items of stage prop, from hairpins to equestrian equipment.

Actors learned how to wield a sword, wear a pointy helmet, and use a Soviet radio-gramophone. Some of them had to apply a complex prosthetic makeup — take Yaroslav Berezhnov for example, the actor that played Yuri Gagarin. He spent hours in the spotlights while the chronicle of Gagarin arriving in Moscow was reconstructed in a breathtaking manner.

Get ready for a fascinating trip through Moscow history — and history of Russia. Experience the events of the past standing right in the place they happened!

Monday 14:30–19:30 
Tuesday–Friday 11:30–20:00
Saturday and Sunday 11:20–19:20
Session start time is indicated.

Tickets (weekdays/weekends):
Adults — 490/650 ₽
Children from 12 to 18 years old — 245/325 ₽

Combо tickets (two exhibitions + film)
Adult — 800 ₽
Children — 400 ₽
More about combo tickets:

Children under 12 years old are not allowed.

Please ask the staff of media hall 360 for a synchronous audio device in English and Chinese. 

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