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Dear guests! You can read about the changes in the opening hours from October 28 to November 7 here.
Please wear masks when visiting the Old English Court and maintain social distance. Take care of your health and the health of those around you. Thank you!

The second SOVRISK #onstream exhibition has opened

20 May 2021

On May 20, two of three central pieces of the SOVRISK #onstream exposition were replaced. Now you can see the following works in Underground Museum:

“Ministry of Insolation Assistance” by Dima Rebus. On July 2, at the Smena Center for Contemporary Culture in Kazan, a personal exhibition of the artist “Insolation Norms” will open. The organizer of the exhibition Artwin Gallery will present works from several projects created by Rebus over the past 7 years. The premiere work displayed at Zaryadye belongs to the “Insolation” project, the central one at the Kazan exhibition.

The second SOVRISK #onstream exhibition has opened

“Speachless Guide” by Dmitry Aske new multi-layered plywood relief is shown for the first time. The work touches the themes of search and choice, as well as trusting one’s inner “guide”.

The second SOVRISK #onstream exhibition has opened

This work shows how in some difficult situations in life, your inner voice helps to find a solution, without focusing on external circumstances that seem more important. In fact, all the answers are inside, ” said Dmitry Aske.

The third work in accordance with the project concept is the winner of the audience vote at the first exhibition. It is “Ermine” by Victoria Weisbrut.

The second SOVRISK #onstream exhibition has opened

Some exhibits are not taking part in the voting system — it is Russian NFT art, a video by three artists uploaded to blockchain platforms. At the exhibition you can see “New World” from the PPSS Art Group (Pavel Pepperstein and Sonya Stereostyrski), from May 15, the video is available at the Rarible online auction. Artem Tkach has introduces his work “Fractal Reflection” (for sale on Foundation).

“I was inspired by Mandelbrot's “Fractal Geometry of Nature”. After reading this book I made my vision of fractal geometry based on mathematical algorithms, but in 3D. This work is a kind of personification of human life, because, like fractals, it always has regularities and patterns that we can notice. For example, birth, movement and the end of our days,” said Artem Tkach.

The third video is “Waves” by Fayaz Azizov — two works from this project are now available at the Rarible auction.

The second SOVRISK #onstream exhibition has opened

Dima Rebus is a contemporary Russian artist, author of the Underground Aquarellka interactive universe, which focuses on the biology of human behavior and the evolution of his everyday life. Dmitry is famous for his large-format watercolors, created on the basis of his own chemical solutions.

Dmitry Aske is one of the ideologists and the most famous artists of the “street wave”. He started his career in 2000 as a graffiti artist. Over time, he moved on to graphic design, typography, illustration, panels and contemporary art. He has collaborated with Nike, Reebok, Nokia, Sony, Red Bull and other major companies.

Victoria Weisbrut is an artist whose painting, at first glance, looks like a synthesis of various images snatched out of context, layering on top of each other and partially repeating. Around one specific idea, she builds a whole set of heterogeneous images, which, nevertheless, are subordinate to a general idea. The heroes of her works are covered with a kind of “mosaic”, reminiscent of the tattoo art, that Victoria began her career with.

Tickets are available at the entrance to Underground Museum, in the interactive terminals on the territory of the park, or online:

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