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“The Hymns of Muscovy” again in Zaryadye

7 August 2020
The video work by artist Dmitry Venkov, which was demonstrated in the park at the end of 2019, was nominated for the 1st Moscow Art Prize. The visitors of the park can watch the film in the hall of Media Center.

Dmitry Venkov

“The Hymns of Muscovy” is the second work demonstrated in the park as part of the 1st Moscow Art Prize. A journey film and at the same time a fantastic urban symphony of Dmitry Venkov seems to send viewers to another planet, where everything is like in Moscow, only upside down. Thanks to the inverted camera, the viewers see only the architecture of the city soaring in the sky. The artist specially selected the weather for shooting — he had been waiting for cirrus clouds.

Left alone with the sky and architecture, the viewer is immersed in three eras and the corresponding architectural styles. The Stalinist Empire style, the Soviet modernism and modern architecture incorporating different elements are connected by the music of the composer Alexander Manotskov, who created variations on the theme of the Soviet and Russian national anthems.

“These three versions show the change of eras. If we look at the words of the Stalinist anthem, we can see their mirror in architecture — pompous, triumphant. In Brezhnev's anthem we will see utopian pathos. In modern architecture we can see different reminiscences of styles, eclecticism, which corresponds to the modern words of the Russian anthem,”said Dmitry Venkov.

The word “Muscovy” in the title of the work also carries a deep meaning. According to the artist, this refers the viewer to the history of the Russian state, when its borders were limited by the great Moscow principality: “I thought about the current position of Moscow as ща a huge, but separate organism within Russia. I chose this name partly to emphasize the planetary isolation of the capital in relation to the rest of Russia.”

The work of Dmitry Venkov, nominee for the 1st Moscow Art Prize, is demonstrated in the hall of Media Center. The film is shown on Mondays from 14:00 to 21:00 and from 10:00 to 21:00 on other days in the beginning of every hour.

“I always really like it when works find unprepared viewers. While museums and galleries have a certain audience, which is ready to perceive something experimental, an unprepared viewer often has a certain advantage as he will have a fresh look at things and some kind of unexpected reaction. The fact that the Prize is being held in such a popular leisure place, is definitely a very good thing for my work, ”said Dmitry Venkov.

In the near future, all the park’s exhibition places and landscape zones, Soaring and the underground parking will become exhibiting sights for the works of the nominees of the 1st Moscow Art Prize.
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