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Sculpture “Flight 2” by Inga Savranskaya has decorated Ice Cave

23 December 2020
The winter interior of the art installation presents the author's version of the work “Flight”, which traveled to space in the early 80s.

Sculpture “Flight 2” by Inga Savranskaya has decorated Ice cave

The sculpture “Flight” has a rich history which began in 1982, when a joint Soviet-French crew was sent to the Salyut 7 orbital station. For the French, this was the first flight into space, and together with the cosmonaut Jean-Loup Chrétien, they decided to send works of art, silkscreen printings by the famous master of op art, Victor Vasarely. Having learned about this idea shortly before the flight, the USSR began to look for an artist who could quickly create a fitting “reply”, a work that embodies the image of the country and space. They chose a tandem of sculptors: Inga Savranskaya and Leonid Baranov. Within a few months, the artists made a bronze sculpture “Flight” about half a meter high, which our cosmonauts Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Alexander Ivanchenkov took with them on board the Soyuz T-6 spacecraft and the Salyut 7 research station. The flight of the Soviet-French crew, together with the artworks by Vasarely, Savranskaya and Baranov, lasted from June 24 to July 2. In December 1982, the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs donated the sculpture “Flight” to UNESCO, now it is placed in Venice. Ice Cave of Zaryadye Park presents the “younger sister” – the author's version of the work by Inga Savranskaya.

Zaryadye Park expresses its sincere gratitude to Gleb Trenin for the opportunity to show the work from the family collection.

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