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Fish from ponds moved to winter camp

14 October 2020
The moving of the ornamental fish is connected with the fact that they can only tolerate temperatures up to -5 degrees. Therefore, koi always spend autumn and winter in a warm place.

Карпы на удаленке.jpg

“As the temperature drops, late autumn is approaching. The Mosvodostok brigade pumped out water from the pond and used nets to catch the ornamental fish for foster home for the winter. When we put the carps in the spring, there were 200 of them. During their stay in Zaryadye ponds, the fish have significantly increased in size and reproduced, ”said Dmitry Ryabtsev, head engineer of Mosvodostok , State Unitary Enterprise of Collecting System Service.

After all the koi carps were moved into the aquarium, the specialists cleaned the bottom and filled it with new water.

In total, Zaryadye has four reservoirs with area of 1,500 sq. m. On the banks of the ponds and inside them, there grow egg capsules, water lilies, cattail, arrowhead, reeds, and calamus. Koi carps have been in the water since the park opening. The color of these fish can take any shade, from white to black, while passing through all shades of orange. Koi carps are omnivorous, but usually they eat algae. Also, they are easily trained: they can learn to paddle to a certain sound or by lunchtime.

In spring, the fish will return to the ponds and continue to make visitors happy.
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