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Dear guests! Tickets are valid only upon presentation of a QR code and passport, in the pavilions please wear masks and maintain social distance. More information about the current restrictions can be found here. Take care of your health and the health of those around you. Thank you!

Finally together: park pavilions are open!

25 June 2020
From June 25, in addition to the park territory, a part of Zaryadye pavilions have been opened. Now you can visit Florarium, the exhibition in Underground Museum and Ice Cave.
открытие павильонов

For the safety and comfort of our visitors, we have developed special routes and temporary rules for the pavilions.

At the entrance to the pavilions, temperature checks will be carried out for each visitor, everyone must use personal protective equipment: at least face masks and preferably disposable gloves. All rooms are equipped with non-contact dispensers for hand disinfection, and UV recirculators. We recommend to keep a social distance of at least 1.5 meters both indoors and near the pavilions.

Ice cave, which has been opened after a two-month “refreezing”, is ready for visits again. At the same time there cannot be more than 17 people, each session lasts not longer than 10 minutes. Between visits, the staff ensures disinfection of contact surfaces and the hall. Entrance with food and beverages is prohibited. To get to Ice Cave, as before, you can through the main entrance of Nature Center, the exit is to the street.

Florarium works with 30 minutes breaks for disinfection - it will be arranged at least once every two hours. You can visit the greenhouse either individually or with members of your family, the group cannot exceed 5 people. The session lasts 10 minutes. Visitors must wear face masks and are recommended to maintain social distance.The laboratories and cafes in Nature Center are still closed.

Underground Museum invites you for to a free exhibition “Faces of War”, the online opening of which took place on May 9. Visiting sessions take place every 30 minutes and last 20 minutes each. The museum can host up to 10 people at a session. For your comfort, the museum offers a one-direction route to study the exposition that ensures social distance. After working with the interactive panels, visitors can use a non-contact dispenser for hand disinfection. Between each session the staff makes disinfection.

Tickets for Ice Cave and Florarium are only available on the website, in the mobile app, as well as in the interactive terminals located on the territory of the park. Tickets check will be carried out with mobile validators. at the entrance to the pavilions.

The walking restrictions in the park were removed on June 23 according to the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow. When walking in the park, we kindly ask you to follow simple rules for general safety: wear face masks and disposable gloves in public places, keep a social distance, avoid staying long on stairs and paths, do not gather in large groups, and follow the special territory marks.

To make the walks on the River Overlook – one of the most popular observation decks in Moscow – safe, we marked the surface, so that visitors could keep a distance, and marked the main and most popular route from the coniferous and birch forests to Large and Small amphitheaters.

When developing the marking system on the bridge and in the park, our artists implemented the idea of color zoning: the most visited zones (entrance and the bridge) are orange, red color is used on the side of the Patriarchal Compound, cool blue – near the ponds, green - in the forest zone, and bright blue - near Ice Cave. Such marking allows to communicate with the guests of the park not only in terms of directions “left/ right”, but also with color codes.

“Regular disinfection of the rooms, no-contact ticket purchase and check, the marking to remind of the required distance – we tried to make the territory and pavilions comfortable for visits, with regard to the necessary protection measures. Separate entry and exit in Underground Museum and Ice Cave let us organize special one direction routes, which exclude the intersection of flows and crowding.

The entrance, as well as in Florarium, by sessions, while in the greenhouse there you can choose between an individual and family visit. Just imagine, the entire Florarium is all yours, but the ticket price has remained the same,”said Ivan Demidov, the director of Zaryadye park.

Until the final removal of the restrictive measures in Moscow, no public events will be held in the park.
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