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Dear guests! Tickets are valid only upon presentation of a QR code and passport, in the pavilions please wear masks and maintain social distance. More information about the current restrictions can be found here. Take care of your health and the health of those around you. Thank you!

Underground Museum

The interactive museum is built around the preserved white stone base
of the Kitaygorodskaya wall which was erected in the 16th century.
A long time ago the very first street in Moscow Velikaya
was located on the place of the museum. Now
in the underground space adjacent to the Moskvoretskaya
embankment, there is a museum where the exhibitions
of contemporary art take place.

In 2021 the new project SOVRISK #onstream presents the work of contemporary Russian artists in dynamics and the process of development, demonstrating different techniques, genres and art trends.The expositions feature paintings and drawings, sculptures, art objects and video art — the premieres of new works straight from the workshops, previews of future exhibitions (including those held at other venues), as well as already well-known and hit works.

Contemporary art within SOVRISK #onstream is also becoming an object of research: visitors can vote for their favorite works, and the one with the highest rating will remain at the exhibition for two more weekends. Some exhibits are not taking part in the voting system —  it is Russian NFT art, a video by three artists uploaded to blockchain platforms.

The first exhibition of the SOVRISK #onstream project opened on April 30, 2021. The exposition introduced works: “Studies of old masters. Velazquez. Composition 13” by Alexander Zhernoklyuev, “UserPic” by Aristarkh Chernyshev, “Ermine” by Victoria Weisbrut and NFT art by Misha Libertee (Mikhail Tsaturyan), Kate Anomalit and the Synticate art group.

The second exhibition of the project was held from May 20 to June 6. The display included works: “Ministry of Insolation Assistance” by Dima Rebus, “Speachless Guide” by Dmitry Aske, “Ermine” by Victoria Weisbrut. NFT-art: “New World” from the PPSS Art Group (Pavel Pepperstein and Sonya Stereostyrski), “Fractal Reflection” by Artem Tkach, “Waves” by Fayaz Azizov.

The third exposition of the project was presented from 10 to 27 June. Featured works: “From America with Love” by Igor and Ekaterina Pestov, “Eden. Immortality” from “Post-Pandemic Society” series by Alexandra Suvorova,“Speachless Guide ” by Dmitry Aske, as well as NFT art by Artem Chebokha (RHADS), Boris Raw and Artem Zinkov.

The fourth exhibition of the project was held from June 30 to July 18. The exhibition included: work from “Cakes” series (2020) by Vladimir Dubossarsky, “Yellow Bouquet” from “What will remain” series by Polina Shilkinite, “From America with Love” by Igor and Ekaterina Pestov. NFT art: “Triptych” by Sergey Maslov aka Smaslom, “Call” by Alexey Andreev and the work from “Witness” Series by Anton Pascal.

From July 22 in Underground Museum guests can see “Danae” (2020, premiere) by Natalya Gudovich, “Untitled” (2021, premiere) by Dmitry Shabalin, work from “Cakes” series (2020) by Vladimir Dubossarsky, and NFT art by AES+F: “Inverso Mundus. Circle of Life” (2015), “Allegoria Sacra, Dragon Plane” (2011–2013), “Allegoria Sacra, Reincarnation” (2011–2013).

In 2020, Underground Museum hosted exhibitions of  the  cycle #three_. The expositions introduced art from different eras and styles in conjunction with Russian and foreign museums, art funds, as well as private collectors and artists. Some exhibitions of the cycle #three_ are available online as virtual tours.

Underground Museum is located in front of Gastronomic Сenter in the underpass from the park to Moskvoretskaya embankment. Visitors with special needs can use the elevator.

Please note that during the visit you must use a face mask and keep a social distance of 1.5 meters. If you have a temperature or respiratory disease symptoms, you can’t visit the museum.

Upcoming events
SOVRISK #onstream
22 January 2022
Underground Museum
Adults, Children
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