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Northern Underpass

Space for events and art exhibitions located at –1 level of the park under the Northern Landscapes.

The Northern Underpass is a redefined technical passage located at –1 level of the park under the Northern Landscapes and transformed into a full-fledged urban promenade. The brutal decoration of the urban space becomes a natural background for the art and offers guests a new fascinating route connecting the two main entry points to the park, from the Vasilievsky descent and from Kitaygorodsky passage.

The first project in the Northern Underpass is dedicated to the global experiences that have arisen in connection with the pandemic. The demonstration of works by Russian and foreign authors resembles Instagram feed: created in different techniques and genres, the works are adapted to giant screenshots three by three meters, forming an artistic chronicle of images and meanings.

Artists of the project: Steffen Kraft aka ICONEO (Germany), who is famous for his illustrations, reminiscent of the problems of the modern world; Katie Meladze presents the work revealing the problem of impossibility to get to Easter services during the pandemic; Andrei Shkarin shares ideas about “extrication of responsible citizens from the restrictive measures”; Andrei Lyublinsky shows empty landscapes of Moscow, and Angelina Ermachkova devotes her work to delivery men who provided us with everything we needed during the quarantine.
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