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Information and navigation center and space for exhibitions, immersive lectures, master classes, and workshops.
From August 12 to September 8, 2019 the exhibition “Painting Through the Prism of Cinema” was held in the pavilion, where the students of Moscow Film School presented “revived” paintings of Johannes Vermeer. 

The design of the pavilion is a metal structure in the shape of a dome. The front is assembled from horizontal roof sections with an internal drainage system and vertical windows.

At the top of Dome, there is a roof light, transmitting natural light from above into the interior of the pavilion, as well as into the central hall. The height of Dome is 9.35 m, and the total area is 265 square meters.

The internal exhibition space consists of a round hall with walls fitted with QR codes, and a bypass exhibition gallery for expositions.

The pavilion's interior reproduces the central part of the Russian exposition at the Venice Biennale of 2012, which won a special jury prize. The QR codes ornament contains the history of the project, the park guidebook and many interesting facts about Zaryadye.

Thanks to the unusual QR codes design, spectacular photos can be obtained here.
Dome is located next to the Mixed Forest and Birch Grove.
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