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Dear guests! Tickets are valid only upon presentation of a QR code and passport, in the pavilions please wear masks and maintain social distance. More information about the current restrictions can be found here. Take care of your health and the health of those around you. Thank you!

Virtual tour of the exhibition of nominees and winners of the 1 Moscow Art Prize is available online

19 December 2020

Now you can see the works of contemporary art that were presented in the park in autumn of 2020, online. We suggest to take a virtual walk through all exhibition locations and see the works of over 60 nominees and winners of the 1 Moscow Art Prize.

Григорий Орехов «Агата».jpg

The virtual tour of the 1 Moscow Art Prize exposition unites the digitized spaces of the pavilions and viewpoints of the park, where the works were presented. You can chose your own route or use the map and the list of locations and artists. Virtual tour allows you to view in detail all art objects and video works.

You will have a chance to “walk” through the entire territory of the park: in front of Nature Center pavilion, see the five-meter sculpture “Guardian” by Dmitry Aske, and another artist's work “Invisible Border” near Small Amphitheater at the exit from the River Overlook. The mythical monster #KRAKEN of Mikhail Tsaturyan is located on the virtual embankment. The art object is covered with labels that pollute the ocean on an industrial scale with decay products: plastic, lithium, aluminum.

At the entrance to Media Center, one can see the work of Grigory Orekhov “Filter” made of red organic glass, and inside the pavilion – his work of polished stainless steel “Agatha”. On the big screen in the hall of Media Center you can watch the film “Anthems of Muscovy” by Dmitry Venkov (first prize in the Cinema nomination).

The virtual tour included the works by Alexei Dyakov, Ekaterina Pryanichnikova, Sergey Kishchenko and Maxim Kharlov, which were exhibited in Ice Cave and Nature Center.
A click away from these pavilions there is Alexander Kutovoy's Technolab laboratory, which presents the works of the Institute for the Problems of the Image of Human Devices.

The virtual exhibition hall of Media Center presents projects by Igor Shelkovsky, who won the first prize in the Fine Arts and Architecture category, Yan Ginzburg (second prize in the category), Igor Samolet (third prize in the nomination), Taus Makhacheva, Evgeny Antufiev, Pavel Otdelnov, Alexey Martins and others.

The virtual tour includes expositions #three_ActRussia and #three_Khudyakov in Underground Museum and the exhibition “Virus. What was it?” in the new space of the park Northern Underpass.

Go on virtual tour:

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