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COS20MOS21 premieres: what to expect on Cosmonautics Day

9 April 2021
The film “Gagarin. Lieutenant of the Sky” was created specially for media hall 360 by media artists Jan Kalnberzin, Evgeny Afonin and composer Nikolai Popov.

“By launching the COS20MOS21 project, Zaryadye Park has created a space for an absolutely new narrative about the great myth of our country and people. We have combined history with fiction, contemporary art with reality — this is how we got a hymn to one person and one event that changed the world 60 years ago,” said Ivan Demidov, the director of Zaryadye Park.

The title of the film refers to the poem by Joseph Brodsky and the precise definition that the poet formulated in it (“I will twinkle in the sky wires lieutenant and hide in the cloud, hearing thunder,...”). To recreate the historical flight as accurately as possible, the artists used the preserved audio recording of Yuri Gagarin’s radio communications with the MCC and added drama to it. The artists used neural networks and 3D graphics in the visual part of the film.

“In the film, we see the states and thoughts of Gagarin, who is in the capsule. Previously, the cosmonaut’s flight appeared to us as emotionless as possible, we heard him say standard reporting phrases. We added emotions to these phrases, now the astronaut can describe weightlessness, admire the stars around him,” said Jan Kalnberzin.

Together with Yuri Gagarin, viewers will be able to feel the radiation of sunlight in outer space, see the flight of the Vostok-1 spacecraft, and finally, hundreds of satellites, that will enter orbit in front of them.

On the day of the premiere, you can watch the film for free, the sessions start at 17:20, registration on the website required.

On the same day in Media Center, the presentation of Valentin Korzhov’s monumental art object “Observer of Immense Space” will be held. The artist created it specially for Zaryadye. Gagarin here is the embodiment of the natural combination of two scales, earthly and cosmic, personal and historical. The three-meter-high installation inherits the traditions of classical sculpture, while at the same time it reinterprets the body of texts of the key figures of Russian cosmism.

СOS20MOS21: flight of Yuri Gagarin in 360 degrees format, “pavilion of the future” and a new art object

The sculpture by Valentin Korzhov will be on the cover of Moskvich MAG — it will be the first offline edition, a limited number of which will be available on Cosmonautics Day only to Zaryadye visitors.

In the exhibition hall of Media Center, guests will see a fantasy on the theme “the pavilion of the future", which could open hundreds of years after the legendary event.

СOS20MOS21: flight of Yuri Gagarin in 360 degrees format, “pavilion of the future” and a new art object

The exposition includes works by Recycle Group, crocodilePOWER, Aristarkh Chernyshev, Kaikhan Salakhov, Andrey Smirnov and Ekaterina Trubina, Varvara Kuzmina, Anna Krasnaya, Danila Tkachenko, Yanina Boldyreva. Next to them there are busts of Soviet space heroes created in the last century by sculptors Ariadna Arendt, Lev Kerbel, Boris Talberg, Lev Matyushin, Andrei Faydysh-Krandievsky and Anatoly Grigoriev. The guests will also see the sculpture “Valentina” by Yuri Neroda brought from Switzerland, dedicated to the first woman-cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova.

A special place in the exposition take the videos of thirteen TikTok bloggers, including Хабибка, Maria Pavlova, Kate Brush, Treysi Max, Никита Морозов Перфе. For the first time they are not spectators, but authors of artistic expression sharing the same scene with artists.

СOS20MOS21: flight of Yuri Gagarin in 360 degrees format, “pavilion of the future” and a new art object

In the exhibition hall, visitors will also see fragments of documentary chronicles and a video of Yuri Gagarin’s flight, published on April 1 in one of the Telegram channels. As stated in the message, the video contains footage taken inside the spacecraft on April 12, 1961 on the experimental equipment of the EB-1 laboratory, and for a long time it was considered lost. The administration of Zaryadye Park have contacted the copyright holders and received the video files and the rights to use and publicly display them. At the request of the park, specialists identified the origin of the materials; the results of the check will be announced at the opening.

Come and feel the cosmic atmosphere!

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