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Dear guests! Tickets are valid only upon presentation of a QR code and passport, in the pavilions please wear masks and maintain social distance. More information about the current restrictions can be found here. Take care of your health and the health of those around you. Thank you!

City Day in Zaryadye: what to do in the park on September 5 and 6

4 September 2020
This weekend, new spaces and exhibitions will be open. It will be a gift for the 873rd anniversary of Moscow and the park's birthday — Zaryadye celebrates 3 years old.

День города 2020.jpg

Exhibition of works by the nominees of the 1 Moscow Art Prize

The theme of the City Day 2020 is the Museum Moscow, thus Zaryadye expands the usual understanding of museums and invites people to study art on the territory of the park. The key event of the City Day celebration will be the display of works by the 1 Moscow Art Prize nominees.

Starting from 10:00 on September 5, in the pavilions, on multimedia screens and on the territory of the park, you can see the works of artists who have created works in Moscow, about Moscow and for Moscow over the past three years.In Ice Cave, you can see “Noah's Ark” by Maxim Kharlov, and next to the pavilion entrance, there is installation «Being and Time» by Valentin Korzhov. In the hall of Media Center, you can watch video works by Dmitry Venkov. In Nature Center you can see and listen to “Protosymphony” by Alexey Dyakov, dedicated to Sergei Prokofiev. Next to the Nature Center entrance, there is a five-meter sculpture “The Guardian” by Dmitry Aske, and by the Media Center entrance, there is the “Filter” by Grigory Orekhov.

Until September 6, Underground Museum hosts the exhibition of Konstantin Khudyakov, his work “The Light Nature of a Woman” is also nominated for 1 MAP.

The exhibition hall of Media Center will introduce projects by Taus Makhacheva, Evgeny Antufiev, Pavel Otdelnov, Alexey Martins, Igor Samolet, Igor Shelkovsky and other artists nominated for the 1 MAP.

Exhibition “Virus. What was it?”

On September 5, at 10:00, the Northern Underpass will be open. It will be a new space for events and art exhibitions. The Northern Underpass is a redefined technical underpass located at –1 level of the park under the Northern Landscapes and transformed into a full-fledged urban promenade. The brutal decoration of the urban space becomes a natural background for the art and offers guests a new route connecting the two main park entry points — from the Vasilevsky Descent and from Kitaygorodsky Passage. 

The first exhibition of the Northern Underpass is named “Virus. What was it?”. It shows the global experiences that have arisen in connection with the pandemic. There is no surprise that the demonstration of works by Russian and foreign authors resembles Instagram feed: created in different techniques and genres, the works are adapted to giant screenshots three by three meters, forming an artistic chronicle of images and meanings. Register for the tours of the Northern Underpass on September 6:

Tour of the Old English Court

On the City Day, the Old English Court will be open as a new object of Zaryadye Park. On September 5 and 6, from 10:00 to 20:00, you can join free tours of the museum. 

The museum has partially renewed its exposition. You will see unique findings discovered during archaeological excavations and the construction of the park on the territory of ancient districts Zaryadye and Kitay-Gorod. The collection, which includes household items of Muscovites, coins, fragments of weapons and other artifacts, was previously displayed at Zaryadye Underground Museum. 

Tours will run every 30 minutes. For the safety of guests, individual and guided tours will be held for not more than 10 people.

Registration for guided tours
Registration for costumed tours
Registration for individual visits

From September 8, the Old English Court will be a part of the Sightseeing historical excursion of Zaryadye, which includes a tour of the Kitaygorodskaya wall, built in the 16th century and restored in the second half of the 20th century. You can study the history of Moscow with a guide or on your own, renting an audio guide at the ticket office of the park. 

Concert of Zarya festival participants

On September 5 and 6 you can watch live performances of the Zarya festival participants. Join:

We follow all the necessary requirements for the safety of visitors during the events. Admission to all events is free, but you must be registered for the concerts and excursions. Detailed program of the City Day:

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