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Dear guests! You can read about the changes in the opening hours from October 28 to November 7 here.
Please wear masks when visiting the Old English Court and maintain social distance. Take care of your health and the health of those around you. Thank you!

Arquebus on Goat and Arquebus on Dog: a New Exhibition Opens at Zaryadye

19 April 2019
The new exhibition "Serf Artillery of the Czardom of Moscovy in the 15–17 Centuries" will start working in the park from April 21.


On the opening day, a parade of reenactors in costumes of archers, gunners, and residents of Moscow of the 17th century, together with lectures on military history and workshops will take place.


The permanent exposition will be located in the Kitaygorodskaya wall, located not far from Zaryadye Concert Hall by the address: Kitaygorodsky passage, building 2. The event program will be held in the frames of the opening.

Visitors will see seven exact copies of medieval small arms, their size and weight fully repeat the historical originals. The guns models are made of wood and metal by the drawings of artist-reenactor Vyacheslav Beloglazov, an active participant of the festival “Times and Epochs”.


There is an arquebus on a machine with a swivel of the 15th century among the exhibits

The muzzle length of this gun is about two meters. Guns with similar mechanisms were used in Russian fortresses until 1670. Another exhibit is a gun on a deck of the 17th century. Its length reaches almost 2.5 meters. These and other guns give the idea of ​the serf artillery of the Czardom of Moscovy in the 15–17 centuries.

The exhibition will be complemented by audio. While studying the exposition, guests will hear the sounds of medieval Zaryadye: conversations of local residents, dog barking, creaking of wagons, street vendors calls, sounds of Kitay-Gorod siege (military commands, artillery, and rifle shots). Each exhibit will have an information board with its description, the combat past of the Kitaygorodskaya fortress, as well as stories from lives of the inhabitants of the oldest district of Moscow of the 15–17 centuries.

The opening of the exhibition is timed to the Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage, which take place in Moscow from April 18 to May 31.
On the opening day, a parade of reenactors in costumes of archers, gunners, and residents of Moscow of the 17th century.
Anyone can attend the lectures on military history of the 17th century and a workshop, which will be held on the territory of the Kitaygorodskaya wall from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Those who are interested in historical weapons are invited to the lesson on handling the musket, and handicraftsmen —to the workshop on rag toys sewing and lace weaving.
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