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Dear guests! The park is closed due to expansion of restrictive measures against viral infections.
Check our website and social networks for updates and take care!

Coastal forest

Ponds surrounded by coastal plants and old trees
In the more humid lower parts of the park, where the Neglinka River once flowed, artificial ponds were created. Coastal and subaquatic plants are planted around them. Hydrophilic bushes, herbaceous perennials and grasses represent the local flora. The coastal plants primarily include cereals, sedges and flowering grasses with broad foliage.
In "Zaryadye" near the ponds grows yellow iris, creeping jenny, purple boneset, purple loosestrife, wood forget-me-not, butterbur, globeflower, European bistort, ragged-robin, reed canary grass, false spirea, daylily, tufted hairgrass, marsh fern, creeping buttercup, meadowsweet and marsh-marigold.
Frogs and newts will settle in the ponds. In addition, the coastal flora is a habitat for insects and nesting of waterfowl. Maples, lime trees and oaks, which grew here even before the construction of the park, are preserved.

Zaryadye Botanical Collection
Planted trees – 752, shrubs – 7000,
perennials – 860 000.
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