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You can relax and share impressions of the Park in Media Center cafe, DNK cafe in Nature Center or Sever cafe in Ice Cave.
Media Center Cafe
The cafe is located in the left wing of Media Center. Here you can both have a leisure time with a cup of aromatic coffee or tea with desserts, or have a hearty lunch or dinner.
The cafe menu includes delicious puffs with fruit, Belgian waffles, yogurt parfait, as well as rolls, sandwiches and salads —all you need for a nutritious snack.
Try delicious pancakes, cream cheese fritters and fresh croissants for breakfast.
Opening hours: by the time of Media Center

DNK Cafe
The cafe is located in Nature Center. Here young researchers and their parents can satisfy their hunger with healthy and very tasty dishes.
The cafe serves traditional canteen dishes of universities and colleges: sandwiches, salads, pancakes and pasties, and for the drinks — tender milk and chocolate shakes, smoothies, tea and coffee. For dessert, you can order muffins, pastry or ice cream.
Opening hours: by the time of Nature Center

Sever Cafe
The cafe is located in front of Ice Cave entrance. It feels like aboard an icebreaker somewhere in the northern regions of Russia: the gray gateway, like aе a polar station, snow, ice and the smallest crystals in the interior of the columns and walls.
The cafe menu includes famous and well-loved food and drinks: sandwiches with a variety of stuffings, hot dogs, salads, pastry, cakes. The tea card deserves special attention: there is a choice of the best Russian teas. For those who prefer cold drinks, there is a large selection of milkshakes and smoothies.
Opening hours: by the time of Ice Cave
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