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Public Talk “How Artistic Collaborations Change Brands and Transform Everyday Life Into Art”

At the meeting, Anastasia Elaeva and Cyril Kongo will discuss artistic collaborations, how they affect the careers of artists and brands, and reveal the secrets of a successful partnership.
September 8, 17:45
Nature Center Ended
September 8, 17:45
Nature Center Ended
Questions to be discussed at the meeting:

- Is artistic collaboration a new reality of the art market?
- How do artistic collaborations change the careers of artists and brand positioning?
- Is artistic collaboration suitable for all artists?
- What is the new type of artistic collaboration?
- How can an artist find his brand, and a brand — his artist?
- What are the secrets of a successful partnership and how to evaluate its effectiveness?

About the speakers:
Cyril Kongo (real name Cyril Phan) was born in 1969. Cyril is a self-taught artist who managed to create cult images that are familiar to amateurs and professionals who appreciate street art. Today, his works are exposed in galleries and at exhibitions, and well-known brands use Cyril's paintings to create luxury goods.

In 1986, Cyril began to inscribe images on the Parisian walls, in 1988 he joined the MAC crew - a group of Parisian graffiti artists with whom he created monumental murals from 1989 to 2001. The only remaining traces of this period works are photographs and films.
In 2002, together with the MAC crew, Cyril Congo launched the Kosmopolite project, the first international graffiti festival in France. In 2011, Kosmopolite traveled around the world: Amsterdam, Brussels, Casablanca, São Paulo, Santiago, Jakarta — and this is not a complete list of cities. In 2009, two paintings by the artist were exhibited at the Paris Museum of the Grand Palace. In 2011, the first personal exhibition of the artist was organized in Paris. With the advent of recognition, prestigious brands started to give Kongo orders on items creation for their collections.

The main manifesto of Cyril Kongo is to separate the art of graffiti from its connotation as vandalism. With his experience, he fully proved that a collaboration of different directions, world views, forms, and meanings is possible.

The work of Cyril Kongo and his colleagues inspired the ATN director to create the documentary “Trumac, From Paris to the South Bronx”, and documentary director Marc-Aurèle Vecchione to the film «Writers, 20 Years of Graffiti in Paris 1983-2003».

Anastasia Elaeva, strategic consultant and head of creative partnerships at Grayling international PR agency. Anastasia is the author of international studies “Brands and Art: How to Make Creative Partnership Effective” and “Museums on the Threshold of Change: The Role of Corporate Partnerships». She was giving lectures on cooperation between companies and the world of art at ZIL Cultural Center, The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, British Higher School of Design, All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, and RMA Business School.
Prior to joining Grayling team, Anastasia worked in the strategic communications agency VOX Global (USA), Indiana Chamber of Commerce (USA) and RIA Novosti news agency. She graduated from Higher School of Economics, specialty “Political Analysis and the Media”, and received a master's degree in public relations from Ball State University (USA).
Joint project with the British Higher School of Art and Design, as part of Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair.
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