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Dear guests! The park is closed due to expansion of restrictive measures against viral infections.
Check our website and social networks for updates and take care!

Do Worry, Be Happy

Psychiatrist Victoria Chitlova will tell why it is important to recognize anxiety in time, how to help yourself using knowledge about the brain and whether we can learn to control our emotions.
Nature Center Ended
Nature Center Ended
Modern people often face with stress in everyday life, experiencing a sense of anxiety about certain events. In an attempt to get rid of unpleasant emotions, we usually try not to pay attention to our worries and not to respond to them. However, is such a position justified?

What is important to know about basic stress management strategies? How does the “hit, run or freeze” formula work? Why shouldn’t we ignore anxiety? What diseases occur due to increased anxiety? How is anxiety related to the protective mechanisms of the body and is it easy to make it your ally in promoting health and self-development?

About the speaker:
Victoria Chitlova, psychiatrist, therapist, senior researcher at the Mental Health Research Center

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