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The Emergency Medical Services: How Does it Work and Help Us

Alexey Bezymyannyy, doctor and TV presenter, will tell about the Emergency Medical Services, the most frequent treatment cases, and first aid mistakes.
June 26, 7:00 pm
Nature Center Registration closed
June 26, 7:00 pm
Nature Center Registration closed
At times, we all face serious injuries, deterioration of health Condition, suspicion of certain diseases, when immediate emergency medical care is required.

At the meeting we will discuss:
* How does the Emergency Medical Services System work and what are its main tasks
* Ambulance equipment
* What to report when calling the Emergency Medical Services
* What should be done while waiting for an ambulance to arrive
* The main first aid mistakes

According to Alexei Nameless, “there are clear rules for providing first aid, and it’s better to learn about them not from TV series. There are five basic steps:

1) take care of your own safety;
2) call the ambulance by phone (if there is a life threat);
3) isolate the injured person from the risk exposition;
4) provide first aid, if you clearly know how to do it;
5) after first aid provision, get to a hospital”.

As part of the lecture “Run to the Doctor” — a cycle of educational events about modern medicine and health, organized by the Moscow Department of Health.

About the lecturer:

Alexey Bezymyanny, External Deputy Chief Specialist of Emergency Services, Head of the Emergency Advisory Medical Service Department of the State Budget Institution “First-aid station named after A.Puchkov of the Department of Health of the City of Moscow”, Physician of Superior Merit

Registration required. The lecture will be held in Russian.

Link to the broadcast on the Facebook page of the Moscow Department of Health:
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