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The Immune System: How to Protect the Body

Doctor Vasily Frolov on the immunity system, what threats it fights and in what way we can help it.
May 16, 7:00 pm
Nature Center Registration closed
May 16, 7:00 pm
Nature Center Registration closed
During the lecture, we will get the answers to important questions about immunity. 
  • what is immunity and what are its mechanisms?
  • what does modern medicine think about strengthening and weakening immunity?
  • what is immunodeficiency and what are its signs?
  • how do lifestyle, stress, illness, and drugs affect immunity?
  • what are immunostimulants and is their effectiveness proven?
  • do vitamins help immunity?
  • how do vaccines work and why there are no vaccines for all diseases?
  • what are the risks of vaccination?
  • how can we promote the efficient functioning of the immune system?
According to Vasily Frolov, normal functioning of the immune system is the key to human health. Nothing can be an absolute guarantee of health, but proper nutrition, daily regimen, taking medications exclusively by a doctor’s prescription and timely vaccination can help to maintain it.
As part of the lecture “Run to the Doctor”, a cycle of educational events about modern medicine and health, organized by the Moscow Healthcare Department.
About the lecturer:
Vasily Frolov, Head of Therapeutic Department No. 2, General Practitioner of the City Clinical Hospital No.220 of the Moscow Healthcare Department

Registration required. The lecture will be held in Russian.
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