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Beyond the runes and forests. Preserved Karelia

The protectors of the severe Karelian forests Tapio and Hiysi could never get along. Their hostility led to the separation of the forest into two kingdoms where each ruled in his own way.
In Tapio's kingdom people always felt good and safe. And only the bravest or all dared to invade Hiysi's territory – the black forest kept dark secrets. 

For many centuries the kingdoms lived in piece until mean Hyisi stole Tapio's amulet. In that jewel Tapio kept his love and friendliness and having it away from him made Tapio angry. People started getting lost in his forest, the animals began to attack tourists, hunters started coming home with empty hands.

The locals are scared to walk into their forest and are asking for help from anyone who is brave enough to step into the shades of the trees. Would you dare?

To take part please email us at Please note that all programs are run in Russian only.
Elizaveta Dmitrieva
Environmental education specialist

Elizaveta graduated from the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. She believes that most of today's environmental problems can only be solved through the understanding of personal responsibility for the world around us. At the same time, Elizaveta believes that it is impossible to make people fall in love with something, but it is possible and necessary to make people understand it, at least. Elizaveta sees her professional goal in making learning fun and interesting.

For organized groups
Группа от 15 до 20 человек – 495 рублей за человека

Группа от 15 до 20 человек при единовременном приобретении от 80 билетов – 440 рублей за человека

Для того, чтобы записаться на программу, пожалуйста, напишите нам на, указав контактный номер.
For privileged categories
Дети из многодетных семей – 440 рублей

Многодетные семьи, инвалиды I, II, III группы, пенсионеры, ветераны труда и пр. – 495 рублей

Оплата билета кошельком карты «Тройка» (скидка 5% от стоимости базового билета) – 523 рублей

Дети-сироты, дети-инвалиды, Ветераны ВОВ и пр. – бесплатно

Покупка льготных билетов осуществляется только в кассах парка при предъявлении документа, подтверждающего льготу.
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