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Why do jellyfish glow?

How and why do living things glow? In what way does the light of jellyfish differ from the luminescence of insects, and can they hide once they’ve started to glow? Why did they put a monument to fireflies in London?
The discovery of what protein led to a Nobel Prize award? Should one believe the insidious light of a female firefly? What are the "milky seas"? Participants will conduct laboratory experiments and produce light through chemical reaction. They will make zebrafish (Danio rerio) glow, learn how people use natural luminescence for their own purposes and finally create a living light bulb.

Please note that all programs are run in Russian only.
Nikita Vinogradov

Nikita graduated from the Timiryazev Academy majoring in genetics and biotechnology. For a long time he has been studying molecular biology at Moscow scientific research institute. At the same time he conducted science shows and educational programs for different audiences. In 2014, he represented Russia as part of a team at the Science Festival in Warsaw. Nikita is a young energetic Russian scientist with a vast encyclopedic knowledge/ who can discuss science in a way that captivates both adults and children.

Aleksandra Arefieva

Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy graduate has been interested in natural sciences since she was a child. After working with different audiences for several years she realized that talking about complicated things in a fun and easy way is what she does best.

Darya Kovalenko

Graduated from Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy and is now working in the genetics field. Darya has been studying botanics of the protected areas of Russia since she was a child. During university years she was a leader of numerous school expeditions and participated in various conferences. Darya is aiming at intiating positive socail change by making learing fun.

Anastasia Kapusta
molecular biologist

Anastasia graduated with honors from the biological faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University. The winner of the "Lomonosov" Universiade. For more than three years she has been engaged in practical research in the field of molecular biology and also has experience in speaking at scientific conferences. Anastasia has deep knowledge in her subject area, which, coupled with the natural charisma and dedication to her work, allows the listener to plunge into the topic of an exciting lesson.

Evgeny Plisov

Evgeny graduated from the Department of Microbiology of the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University, worked for 3 years as a genetic engineer at the State Research Institute of Genetics, has been conducting interactive workshops and lectures for over 4 years. Conducted programs in biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, gadgets constructing, criminology, medicine and other areas allow Evgeny to cover any issue from different points of view, which makes his programs even more interesting.

17 June 2019 Monday at 17:00
19 June 2019 Wednesday at 17:00
20 June 2019 Thursday at 17:00
23 June 2019 Sunday at 13:00
For organized groups
A group of 15 to 20 people – 630 rubles per person.

A group of 15 to 20 people with a one-time purchase of 80 tickets and more – 560 rubles per person.

To sign up for the program, please email us at, indicating the phone number for contact.
For privileged categories
Payment for a ticket with a Troika card wallet (5% discount on the cost of the basic ticket) – 665 rubles per person
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