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Educational programs

Tree of life
On board of the legendary HMS "Beagle", along with Charles Robert Darwin, the participants will go on a journey in time — they will visit the past and the present, look into the future, reveal the mystery of the origin of life on Earth and also learn how gradually modern humans emerged from unicellular organisms.
Treasures of the secret islands
In the attic of a country house, children discover a grandmother's dust-covered trunk with a letter inside.
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19 June 2018 Designer of volcanoes

What is a volcano, how it arises and functions, how to recognize the "active" volcano, what eruptions are, what lava consists of and how volcanologists work — all of these questions will be explained to the participants.

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 10+
22 June 2018 Space garden

A group of biotechnologists is facing the task of greening future settlements on Mars. At the same time, they have only a few seeds and plants in test tubes, biotechnological equipment and installations for growing plants in artificial conditions.

Duration: 45 minutes Age: 12+
18 June 2018 What is DNA?

A-T-G-C… you might think, it's just letters of the alphabet. But this may only seem this way to those who haven’t been to the program.

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 14+
19 June 2018 Secrets of biotechnology

Men only recently managed to look into the DNA code hidden in the cells of living organisms, to read it and start copying for their needs. Now carrots can change color, pumpkins have the taste of banana, and nettles stop stinging.

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 13+
18 June 2018 Painting microcosm

Our planet is in danger! An ancient god is about to take over!

Duration: 45 minutes Age: 7+
19 June 2018 In search of a wild cat

A group of friends decides to go on a dangerous adventure to see the Amur leopard in the wild.

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 10+
18 June 2018 Water in the big city

How does water get to our tap? Where does it flow away to? And why can’t I drink it? We know answers to all the questions.

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 10+
Around Lake Baikal in 2 hours

Baikal is the deepest lake on the planet, the largest reservoir with fresh water in the world and home to many unique creatures. Discover your Baikal together with us!

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 8+
First aid

When time for making a decision is limited knowledge becomes as important as it's never been before. During the workshops we learn how to provide emergency help to the injured.

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 10+
Genetic detective

Do you want to feel like a forensic expert? To master the methods of DNA fingerprinting and the technique of searching for physical evidence? 

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 13+
Educational programs in Zaryadye are supported by:
ГУП Природоохранный центр
РНИМУ им. Н.И.Пирогова
Экоцентр Заповедники
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