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Educational programs

Space Garden
Do plants need soil? Is it possible to clone a violet? What science will help to grow seeds that laid more than one thousand years, what does a cosmic greenhouse look like? Interesting? We will tell and show everything!
Microheroes and Microfoes
As in children's fairy tales, the microscopic world has its own “heroes” and “villains”. On the program you will learn about fungus, bacteria, viruses and single-celled organisms. Understand who you can not be afraid, and who should beware.
Russian Arctics. Mystery of Captain’s Diary
Imagine you hold a ship diary of a northern land explorer in your hands. What will you do with it? Would you dare to travel to the Arctic? We invite all adventure lovers to an exciting journey!
Fireworks Secrets
Fireworks are an exciting part of big and small holidays. We will tell you what is the secret of diversity and the enchanting beauty of "fiery chrysanthemums".
Blue Tone Photos
Creating “photographs” without camera or phone is reality! We invite you to learn photographic printing with bright blue color in semitones and shades.
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October 6 Preserved Treasures

At the interactive class, you will find a letter about the mysterious protected islands, keys and jewels of Zaryadyе. But, unfortunately, the map leading to the treasure is spoiled. There are more questions than answers. Are you ready to complete the quest and solve all its riddles?

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 10+
The Tree of Life

We invite you to travel in time aboard the legendary Beagle ship and follow the whole evolution of humanity with Charles Darwin.

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 13+
17 October 2019 Secrets of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a science that opens the door to the world of the future. The future that has already come. Genetic modifications, organ printing, cloning, and even synthetic biology — these technologies already exist and are changing the world around us. At the class, we will reveal the latest discoveries and achievements of biotechnology.

Duration: 90 minutes Age: 13+
17 October 2019 Painting microcosm

Do you know who the smallest living creatures of our planet are? At the program, you will not only learn what kind of creatures they are, but also have a chance to look at their life through microscopes.

Duration: 45 minutes Age: 7+
17 October 2019 Mysterious Substance

Why do astronauts often compare our planet with a blue marble ball? The thing is that it is 70% covered with water. The program will tell about the secrets of the substance, without which life on Earth would be impossible.

Duration: 45 minutes Age: 8+
17 October 2019 North Caucasus From a Bird’s Eye View

Boundless dense forests, alpine rivers and lakes, cliffs and snowy mountain peaks — all this is the North Caucasus. We invite you to go on a bright journey through its majestic places.

Age: 10+
17 October 2019 Why Do Jellyfish Glow?

The glow of living organisms is one of the most spectacular phenomena of nature. Come and find out how and why living organisms glow, how the jellyfish glow differs from the glow of insects, and whether it is possible to become invisible when a creature starts to glow, as well as what messages do fish transmit to each other with fluorescence.

Duration: 45 minutes Age: 12+
17 October 2019 Blue Tone Photos

Creating “photographs” without camera or phone is reality! We invite you to learn photographic printing with bright blue color in semitones and shades.

Age: 7+
Educational programs in Zaryadye are supported by:
Сколковский институт науки и технологий
Московский государственный университет им. М.В.Ломоносова
Российская академия наук
РХТУ им. Д.И. Менделеева
Московский городской педагогический университет (МГПУ)
Городской методический центр
ГУП Природоохранный центр
РНИМУ им. Н.И.Пирогова
Экоцентр Заповедники
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