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Park map

Nature of Russia
Entrance from the Red Square
Exit to the Embankment
Heart of Moscow
Entrance from the Kitay-Gorod wall
Exit towards Red Square
Engineering miracle
Entrance from the side of the Red Square
Exit from the side of Kitay-Gorod wall

Itinerary details:


A small birch forest is laid out at the entrance to the park from the Red Square side. There are perennial grasses under the trees: thyme and hawkweed.

The top of the Media Center

From the top of the hill, one can see the severe northern landscapes with mosses, lichens, and dwarf trees.

The Meadow

A spacious meadow covered with grasses and daisies. Here you can relax, have a picnic, and play with your kids.

Coniferous Forest

Hiking paths in the shady spruce and pine forest lead along the park edges with lilies of the valley, bluebells, and ferns.

Embankment forest

In the forest near the river, there are picturesque ponds surrounded by thick bushes and water-loving herbs. Here old trees, planted even before the existence of the park, continue to grow.

Itinerary details:

Climbing the stairs from the Kitay-Gorod wall

The view of the church's courtyard.

Climbing to the roof of the Concert Hall

A view of the river, the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, and a high-rise building open from the hill of the Glass Crust where the Concert Hall is hidden.

Coming down from the Concert Hall roof

From the hill you can see St. Anna's Conception Church (mid-17th century), one of the oldest Moscow parish churches.

River Overlook

In the XVII-XVIII centuries, the Zaryadye Port was an important trading port. Looking at the river from the bridge, you can imagine how goods were unloaded onto the shore and carried through Velikaya (Main) Street to Borovitsky Hill.

The top of the Restaurant

The restaurant’s roof offers one of the best views of the Moscow Kremlin towers.

The peak of the Media Center

This view of the metochion (embassy church) was hidden for a long time from Muscovites by the “Russia” hotel building. Now from here you can take a fresh look at the cultural heritage of Zaryadye.


From here, you can snap an ideal postcard: birches, the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral - three symbols of Russia all in one frame.

Itinerary details:


This space recreates the exposition of the Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2012, which received a special jury prize.

Media Center

This is the most densely packed place in the park, with its information kiosks "Moscow Now", flagship tourist center, museum, exhibition space, and the media complexes "Flight" and "Time Machine Zaryadye".

River Overlook

This is a unique engineering structure - the world's largest concrete console with a length of 70m. From the bridge, there are panoramic views of the Kremlin, embankment, and the park itself.

Concert Hall

Directly opposite the ancient Kitay-Gorod wall is the facade of the Concert Hall. Thus, the old masonry contrasts with cutting-edge architecture. The large hall, partially built inside the hill, and equipped with a transforming stage and acoustic vault, was created by Japanese masters.

Glass Crust

The Glass Crust - a unique design with an area of 8500 square metres, covers the Concert Hall hill. The "Crust" maintains its microclimate all year round: in summer, thanks to its curved shape, the open transoms of the glass canopy catch fresh air, and in winter, the "crust" accumulates heat.
Media Center
Soar over Moscow, take a trip through time and learn about interesting events in the city. 
Zaryadye Gastronomic Сenter
Taste traditional Russian cuisine and get food to go for a picnic.
Voskhod Restaurant
Enjoy the dishes in the culinary traditions of former soviet republics.
Unwind sitting by the water, grab a snack at a café, or take a walk along the river.
Ice Cave
See a frozen art installation and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Far North.
Large Amphitheater
Listen to a concert at one of the largest outdoor venues in the historic center of the city.
River Overlook
Stop by the 70 meter console, forming an arc over the river, and admire the best view of the Kremlin.
Zaryadye Underground Museum
View a collection of artifacts discovered during excavations of old Moscow.
Glass Crust
Warm up and admire the garden of heat-loving plants.
Nature Center
Participate in scientific experiments and discoveries.
Have a look at the pavilion that received a special jury prize at the Venice Biennale in 2012.
Concert Hall
See theatrical productions and appreciate acoustics designed by Japanese experts.
Northern Landscapes
Mosses, lichens and dwarf trees, characteristic plants of the Arctic lands.
Coniferous forest
Evergreen forest with ferns and blue bells.
Coastal forest
Ponds surrounded by coastal plants and old trees
Birch grove
Birch forest, through which the Kremlin is visible
Cereals and flowering herbs of temperate climatic areas
Grassland meadow with wildflowers.
Mixed forest
Coniferous and deciduous trees, typical for Russian landscapes.
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